In the fall, KGVO visited with the creators and manufacturers of Kart Kleen, the Montana made units that have been modified to kill bacteria including the COVID 19 virus, on almost any surface, as they demonstrated before Senator Steve Daines at Hellgate Elementary School.

Kart Kleen creator and founder Jason Gardiner explained how the Kart Kleen system is much like detectors at an airport.

“Take that same type of visual, and that's exactly what we're doing at Kart Kleen,” said Gardiner. “We've built a conveyor belt system that harnesses a wavelength that is not known in natural light that kill all RNA in all DNA at a molecular level.”

Now, Gardiner has placed Kart Kleen units in the University of Montana Athletic Department to help them keep equipment clean and free of the COVID virus.

“That's where the university comes in,” he said. “They have two units right now. The entrance units that they're using as athletes come into the gym from visiting schools; they'll have to run their bags through it (the Kart Kleen system). They'll have to bring the items that they're bringing onto campus that they'll get run through it to ensure a level of comfortability and safety for the people that are already there.”

Gardiner said the Kart Kleen system is far superior to hand sanitizing a basketball during a game inside the Dahlberg Arena.

“One person is dribbling the ball and it’s going back and forth getting passed amongst several different players, and they sweat on it and what not,” he said. "Well, in between timeouts that ball can go back to the sidelines and get run through our machines. So the ball goes back and everything that was on it is gone.”

Gardiner said Kart Kleen systems have the capacity to provide a healthy environment in schools throughout Montana, from elementary through college.

“We have the capacity to be able to outfit somewhere around 12,000 machines a year out of our manufacturer,” he said. “There are currently a few proposals that are out there to be able to get some units in every school K through 12 throughout Montana, and I would urge people to call their state legislators and say, we want this peace of mind.”

At his visit to Hellgate Elementary, Daines praised the ‘made in Montana’ Kart Kleen system.

“First of all, you can't be more proud of the fact this is a made in Montana solution,” he said. “Literally, it was engineered and manufactured here in Montana and sourced in Montana. This is something that is easy to deploy. The science is clear. It's not invasive, and it's effective. And I think its one more tool in our tool chest here of finding ways to keep our students, teachers from their family safe.”


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