I remember doing a few contests like this when I was in school. Unfortunately, I don't remember those contests for any exciting reasons like me winning. It was pretty much a given that my creation wouldn't be the one getting the crown. When it comes to artistic ability, I was never blessed with the gift of drawing. And, it's definitely nothing I grew into. I was bad then, and my skills didn't improve much over the years. If you found a drawing I did in middle school and compared it to one I did yesterday, there probably wouldn't be much difference.

The good news is there are plenty of talented kids in our community, with much better skills than I, who will have some fun with this contest. It's time, once again, for Karl Tyler Chevrolet's Montana Home Sticker Design Scholarship Contest. There's a $500 scholarship on the line for the winner! Of course, the irony in designing a Montana Home sticker this year is that students have actually been home for quite a while, and will continue to be, through the end of the school year due to COVID-19.

If your still doing daily lessons with your kids from the comforts of the kitchen table - it looks like you have a reason to put a little extra time and effort into your at-home art class!

Hunting, fishing, nature, wildlife and more......there's so much to choose from when it comes to what can represent Montana in your work! Good luck to all the participants and we can't wait to see what amazing works of art come from the entries.

The press release for the contest is below. Find more details HERE.

Karl Tyler Chevrolet’s Student at Home, Home Sticker Design Scholarship Contest

     Missoula— 05/11/2020 — Karl Tyler Chevrolet has partnered with the Missoula County School District’s art teachers to have students design our next Montana Home Sticker and award the design winner a $500 Scholarship.

Project Impact

     Each year Karl Tyler Chevrolet designs a new Montana Home Sticker to share with our customers and community. This year we have partnered with the Missoula County School District’s Art Teachers to have students submit their Home Sticker designs for a chance to a win a $500 Scholarship! We are inviting all students k-12 in the Missoula area to submit their designs! Students will submit their designs by May 30th. Karl Tyler Chevrolet will post all student submitted designs on our website July 1st. We will then ask the community to vote on their favorite Home Sticker design. Voting will be open July 1st through August 30th. Winner and scholarship will be awarded September 1st. With students learning from home, Karl Tyler Chevrolet wanted to engage our young community in the arts and to inspire students to continue their education. Karl Tyler Chevrolet is locally owned, operated and community driven.

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