Jon Pardi's mom loves when he comes to visit; in fact, she's encouraged it so much that the singer has a songwriting room set up at her home on the West Coast. Trips back home can easily become working vacations for the artist — like when he wrote his single "Tequila Little Time" there.

The song is Pardi's third single from his 2019 album Heartache Medication. He co-wrote it with Rhett Akins and Luke Laird, and below, he shares the story behind the song.

We were at my mom's house [in northern California], 'cause I've got a little writing pad at my mom's 'cause she loves when I'm home ... So, it's like, bring work to my mom's house! She loves it; she just can't wait.

It was the last day [of the trip], and we couldn't really get a song. And then Rhett came up with "Tequila Little Time," and then we wrote that song in an hour and a half.

And then, we worked on the demo with the little fake horns — which are now real horns ... I wrote the [sings the song's horn line] — I'd sing it [while we were creating the song].

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