What good is it to have a celebrity living in the state if you can't approach them and ask if they would record a PSA to help keep everyone healthy during these crazy times? I can't say that I have the inside details on how it came to be, but that's how I envision it. I picture an email exchange where somebody writes an email to Jeff Bridges and start by explaining how they got his email address from a friend of a friend. After a few back and forth exchanges, and a couple mentions of how much people love "The Dude" and will follow his every word, I figure Bridges says "oh, alright, I'll do it."

That probably couldn't be more incorrect when it comes to how the Montana Hospital Association PSA came to be. It's more likely he said yes because Bridges spends a portion of his time in Livingston, and he's a supporter of the hospital there like this NBC Montana story states.

What a perfect person to feature in the PSA campaign! Everybody loves his laid-back persona and his character from "The Big Lebowski" is a fan favorite - he was even featured in a Super Bowl ad this year as you can see below.

The video promotes a website with health tips and info as we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Look for the PSA across Montana on TV, radio, and online.

As Bridges/TheDude says at the end of the video, "we can abide with this thing, man.....we'll get through this."

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