Over the last few days there have been some insane videos circulating the web. The footage of the explosion in Lebanon is crazy. An explosion that is said to have been 1/5th the size of the blast at Hiroshima.

On top of that, the web has been circulating footage of our own small tragedy in western Montana. The legendary Bird Island on Flathead Lake had a large wildfire burn.

According to the Daily Inter Lake

Fire crews on Tuesday morning were investigating the 2-acre blaze on the small island south of Blue Bay near Finley Point. The island is managed by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, which decided to close the island to public access until further notice due to wildfire danger.

A helicopter was used to douse the blaze with water drops Monday night. However, due to safety concerns related to fighting the fire on the island, officials on Tuesday decided to not actively suppress the blaze.

The FWP called off the fire suppression, because of the "risk to the safety of the firefighters is too significant to actively engage the fire.”

Eyewitnesses say that the amount of private boats surrounding the fire looked like a "small regatta." Bird Island was originally purchased by the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks as a goose nesting area.

No word on what may have caused the fire.

David Green recently captured some amazing aerial footage of the Bird Island fire, and shared it with the Daily Inter Lake.

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