I guess I must have signed up for some club or account at Outback once upon a time. I'm always getting emails with upcoming events and offers. Most of the time the newsletters and deals aren't of any interest to me. But as I peeked at the email that was in my inbox on Friday - I saw details about a Jake Owen concert.

As I skimmed through the info I thought to myself, "What's the catch?" It must be a web performance with a limited number of contest winners. Or, you have to be eating in an Outback to be able to watch it in the bar area. I know, maybe you have to order something from Outback and they'll give you an access code for access to the show. After poking around a bit, it doesn't appear to have any strings attached - Jake Owen will be performing a virtual concert on the Outback Steakhouse Facebook page.

Jake Owen & Outback Steakhouse present Made For You - an exclusive virtual concert for Outback fans on Thursday, August 20 at 7 PM EST. Why is it called Made For You? That just happens to be the name of Jake Owen's current single from his latest album.....see how that all ties together?

Of course, you can check out the Facebook Live performance on the Outback's Facebook page and simply watch along......or.....you could watch it with a Blooming Onion, some Kookaburra Wings, maybe a tender ribeye steak, and a Chocolate Thunder From Down Under for dessert. Might as well make a night out of it!

One fun story before you go! The first time I ever met Jake Owen and heard his music was at a - wait for it - Outback! I was working for a radio station in Seattle and we had some winners come out for lunch and music from a new country artist. We held the event upstairs and I learned it was the only two-story Outback in the country. Years later when I saw Jake at a show I asked if he remembered the day. He said he did and without being reminded he started talking about how cool the two-story Outback was. Ah....and to think we've come full circle now!


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