Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale officially declared his intention on Friday to run for the U.S. Senate to challenge the long-time incumbent Democrat Jon Tester.

KGVO News reached out to the Rosendale campaign and received a call from the candidate less than 10 minutes later.

Rosendale cited as his chief reason for running was that the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has been standing in the way of progress for the American people long enough.

Rosendale says Democrats have been Standing in the Way Long Enough

“I have watched over the last three years as the work that the Republican Conference has done, just ended up dying in the United States Senate,” began Rosendale. “We passed domestic energy production legislation that died in the Senate. We passed the most comprehensive border security and immigration legislation that died in the Senate, and the National Defense Act also died in the Senate.”

Rosendale said many of his fellow Republicans have teamed up with Democrats to oppose conservative legislation in the Senate.

“It's not just the Democrats that are killing things over there, it's the Republicans as well,” he said. “In addition, Mitch McConnell has been working with Chuck Schumer to basically stop the agenda that the Republicans have been putting forward. We saw it when President Trump was in office, so it's time to go to the Senate to give them the support of the conservative movement; people like Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Ron Johnson, and give them the support that they need so that we can shock that system, the way that we've been able to in the House of Representatives.”

Rosendale says Tim Sheehy has No Political Experience to run for Senate

Rosendale said that even though former Navy SEAL and businessman Tim Sheehy has had a considerable head start for the Republican primary, he has no political experience, especially for a seat as important as the U.S. Senate.

“Take a look at Mr. Sheehy’s record,” he said. “I think that with a little bit of research, they will find out that he has obviously never cast a vote for any legislative body, so we're dependent upon his promises. In addition, when we look at his corporate statements and his work in the private sector, it just doesn't align with the things that the Republicans are trying to pursue.”

Rosendale said he is not concerned about comments from fellow Republican Steve Daines, who questioned Rosendale’s timing on entering the race.

Rosendale Brushed off Criticism from Montana Senator Steve Daines

“I think the people across Montana don't want Mitch McConnell picking their next U.S. Senator and as the Chairman of the Senate committee, unfortunately, Steve is doing a lot of bidding for Mitch McConnell right now,’ he said. “The people across Montana want to select their own Senator, and as I like to say they don't take orders from Washington D.C., they send orders to Washington, D.C.”

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