The outdoors, work, weather and the landscape make Montana men a "manly" bunch of guys. Maybe it is the fresh air or the open space that helps keep us virile. When it comes to our "virility" do we really know how high Montana ranks? We do now.

Montana Men Are "Healthier" Than Most

According to a report from Newsweek, it reveals the best and worst states for "sperm health" across the country. Montana ranks very high along with our neighbors on our "sperm health".  The top three states for "sperm health" in the U.S. are Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, in that order. The bottom three states are Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

The Research

U.S. researchers analyzed over 22,000 samples at the sperm freezing and testing company, Legacy. Their labs determined the average sperm count for each state. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to these results. Some of these factors can be found in each of the three states at the top of the list.

Lack of Pollution and Heat In Montana Can Help

According to Khaled Kteily, CEO of Legacy, some of the factors that contribute to this are "environmental and lifestyle factors". Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana offer an environment for success. Some of the causes for a low sperm count can be "poor air quality, hot temperatures".

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Stress can also be a reason for low sperm count. Montana can be a "laid back" place and with the focus on outdoor activities in Montana, it can help contribute to Montana's  success in this area.

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