Did you know that January is one of the most common months to get divorced?

According to an article in Newsweek, studies show that many couples who divorce do so in January. The idea is that a family may try to stay together through the holidays, and then they focus on the divorce in the new year.

Now, Newsweek is reporting on a map that shows which states have the most divorced couples.

In terms of ranking, Montana falls somewhere in the middle for the rate of divorces per 1,000 women: 12.79. But what was remarkable about this study, which Newsweek says comes from a report from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research and Bowling Green State University, was not the rate, but the distribution of divorce rates across the country.

Montana, for example, is a bit of an island in this regard.

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Compared to its neighboring states, Montana has the lowest divorce rate. According to the map, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota all have higher divorce rates with Wyoming falling in the top five for the highest rate of divorce across the whole U.S.

  • Montana: 12.79
  • Idaho: 16.62
  • Wyoming: 19.96
  • North Dakota: 15.23
  • South Dakota: 14.92

Why might that be? The Newsweek article didn't identify contributing factors, but when I shared this data with my colleagues, they responded with their opinions.  "Anecdotal evidence" if you will.

"How could anyone afford to get divorced in Montana? You stay together just so you have somewhere you can both afford to live!" one person shared.

"Sign me up! I'll learn to love someone if it means they'd share the cost of housing with me."

The perspectives are interesting, though having a roommate might be a solution in both instances. Then again, maybe it's other costs in divorcing that might be prohibitive.

Or maybe Montana couples are hearty, like Montana people, and they work through relationship challenges.

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