Have you ever stayed in a treehouse...as an adult? This is one of those trends in vacation rentals that has caught on like the latest TikTok dance. There's even a category on Airbnb that has dozens of treehouses located all over the world.

What's the Appeal of Vacationing Up High?

I think part of it is the nostalgia. Growing up, I wanted a treehouse not only for the exclusive feeling (and because "Little Rascals" made it seem so cool) but I think I wanted a sense of perspective, too, even if I didn't understand that concept at the time.

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The old vacation cliche is "to get away from it all" and traveling far distances isn't enough sometimes. Sometimes, going up or "above it all" is what a person needs to feel relaxed. There's the added benefit of being further away from critters, too. Or maybe closer, depending on the critter.

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New Fire Lookouts Coming Soon in Wallace, ID

The next iteration of treehouse rentals, or at least the Pacific Northwest version, I think, are these new rentals called "MoonPass Lookouts."

There are like treehouses in that they're built above the ground, but what makes them different is that they have full glass roofs, and they're built at a historical site, specifically the site of the Great Fire of 1910, which gives them more context.

MoonPass Lookout ID
Credit: get.moonpasslookouts.com

Where They Are and What They'll Include

If you've never been to Wallace, Idaho, it's about two hours west of Missoula, Montana, and nestled in the Bitterroot Mountains. The town has a rich mining history (in fact, the entire town is on the Register of Historic Places) as well as tons of opportunities for outdoor activities, like skiing in the winter or biking the Hiawatha in the summer. The MoonPass Lookouts will be located 7 miles from downtown Wallace.

Here's what the MoonPass Lookouts website has to say about the amenities offered:

Each fire lookout tower has a full size bed, a kitchen, bathroom, wood burning stove, and solar power for charging phones. The property has a sauna, fire pit, ax throwing, hiking trails, fishing, and scenic, 360-views.

The Lookouts creation is credited to Kristie Wolfe, an Airbnb superhost.

Can I Go Now?

The units won't be ready until the Spring of 2024, but construction will start this fall. If this really does sound like a place you'd like to try, you can get on their waiting list. Visit their website for more details.

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Port Angeles Washington Treehouse is Awesome Get Away!

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