A majority of Americans now live in a state where the use of marijuana is legal. Whether it is recreational or medicinal. According to Pew Research Center 54% of people now live in a state where marijuana is legal in one form or the other. 79% of people live in a county that has at least one dispensary.

Montana Has Seen an Increase in Dispensaries Since 2022

Montana has seen an increase in dispensaries opening across the state since 2022 when recreational marijuana became legal. Cannabis is not legal to sell or buy in all of Montana's counties. See the map below from the Montana Department of Revenue.

Montana Department of Revenue Cannabis Map
Credit: Montana Department of Revenue

Missoula County is one of Montana's counties that approved the recreational use of cannabis. Here is a list of Montana's Code for "Personal use and Cultivation of Marijuana- Penalties".

Montana Is a Popular Tourist Destination

Montana is a popular destination for tourists and for those that use cannabis, it can be difficult to find places to stay that are "420-friendly". One Montana town has made a list as one of the most "420-friendly" cities in the country. You can probably guess that would be Missoula, Montana.

Missoula is a "420-Friedly" When It Comes to Places to Stay

According to Upgraded Points.com, a travel site, Missoula is in the top 15 cities in the country with the most "420-friendly" places to stay using Airbnb and "Bud and Breakfast", per 100 thousand residents.

420 Friendly Places to Stay Map
Credit: Canva

Three of the top 15 cities are in Colorado, with number one being Boulder, Colorado. No other city in Montana made the list and neither did any cities in our neighboring states.

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