As we desperately try to polish off what is left of the Halloween candy haul, we begin to look ahead at the next big culinary adventure. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. A day when you will both stuff a turkey and stuff your face.

According to a recent survey from Cambell's, people love the taste of "Turkey Day Fixins."

  • 67% prefer side dishes to the entrée, which is up by one percent from last year's report

  • The most popular side dishes this year are mashed potatoes, stuffing/dressing, mac and cheese, yams/sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole

  • Sides help make your meal unique – 66% say that sides are a way to bring cultural heritage to the Thanksgiving table

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you took all of the Thanksgiving flavors and combined them into one? Baskin Robbins has made that a reality.

Montana's Baskin Robbins locations have recently started dishing out all the sweet and savory flavors of Thanksgiving. They call their creation the "Turkey Day Fixins."

According to Baskin Robbins

All month long, sink your spoon into side dish bliss with Turkey Day Fixin’s surprising combination of sweet potato and autumn spice ice creams mixed with honey cornbread pieces and swirls of Ocean Spray® cranberry sauce. Whether you want to save your family from your suspicious casseroles or bring main dish energy to Friendsgiving, this scoop will add something interesting and delicious to your traditions. Turkey Day Fixin’s melds together all your favorite sweet and savory sides – sweet potatoes, cornbread and cranberry sauce.

Now I can sense some might be a little apprehensive about an ice cream inspired by turkey and potatoes. But, some people are saying it is NOT bad.

@officialayyytj Turkey day fixings new Baskin Robbins flavor😋 #baskinrobbins #fypシ #ayyytj ♬ original sound - AYYY TJ

Montana has 4 Baskin Robbins locations. One in Missoula, One in Kalispell, and two locations in Billings. Stop at any location and try a scoop of "Turkey Day Fixins" available until the end of November.

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