There have been plenty of songs written about Montana. Songs that have even charted on Billboard's list of top songs.

Songs like Merle Haggard's "Big City."

Or how about Marie Osmond and Dan Seal's duet "Meet Me in Montana?"

Even Jimmy Buffet wrote songs about Montana.

What is Montana's favorite song?

The website compiled internet search data to try and find what songs were uniquely searched in one state more than others. They specifically looked for what songs were being searched for by their lyrics.

After compiling all the data, they discovered that Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was the most searched song in the country. Followed by "Hotel California" from the Eagles and "Lose Yourself" from Eminem.
loading... narrowed their search even more to specific states. They want to find out which songs are uniquely popular in each state.

According to the study

(We) compared national to state search data to see which song lyrics were searched in each state at a significantly higher rate than national averages.

Which songs have state residents more curious than the average American, and what is the most searched music genre in each state?

Montana's most searched song may surprise you.

According to the data, Montana prefers country music. But, the most searched song is NOT a country music song.

Montana's most searched song is from Death Cab for Cutie

WordList Finder collected search volume dating from January 2019 through July 2023 and looked at the 20 most popular songs from the following genres: country, EDM, hip-hop, rap, indie, metal, pop, punk, R&B, and rock. Death Cab for Cutie's song "We Looked Like Giants" was more searched for than others in Montana.

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