Ugh, I don't exactly love doing yard work but I really enjoy the look of our home when the job is complete. Unfortunately for lots of us, the whole gardening and landscaping we do around our homes is more than just a one day project.

Just yesterday my wife (Savannah) and I spent quite a few hours cleaning up around our home. We got rid of a small tree in our front yard, trimmed back most bushes and trees around the property, and pulled weeds out of the garden bed. It was an exhausting day, but couldn't have had better weather for it.

Here is the tree that we pulled out yesterday.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

And here is the after shot and a few others showing the amount of yard waste we will be burning in the near future.

Now just as soon as I am no longer sore from this work, I will work more around the yard. The to-do list never ends.


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