You can't even say the word margarita without the Sammy Hagar song "Mas Tequila" being shouted in your brain. I think 'ol Sammy likely prefers his Cabo Wabo straight, but if you like yours in the form of a margarita, this Saturday is your favorite day!

The Northwest Margarita Fest is this Saturday, July 24th, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Caras Park. Local promoter BFK did this event once before and it was such a hit, he's bringing it back with all the kinks worked out. For instance, to avoid long lines, there will be bigger bars, more staff, and "a different set up all together to get you your drinks so you can get back to dancing even faster." DANCING!? Yes!! This is gonna be fun.

Featuring: a tequila and mescal tasting tour (yes, there's a difference between the two), Taco Trucks (as if BFK is going to call it a "fest" and not have tacos), Montana's only Margarita competition, and Latin and world music from Mark Myriad and Kris Moon. Admission is FREE and this is an all ages event. The $15 drinking/participation fee includes a commemorative cup, 3 drink tokens, and a margarita competition voting chip.

So outside of this event, who has the best margarita in town? According to Yelp, it's El Cazador, James Bar, Plonk, Top Hat, Tamarack Brewing Company, Fiesta En Jalisco, The Montana Club, and The Depot.

As always, we encourage you to party safely and have a plan for a safe walk/ride home.

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