You may have noticed that the Salvation Army bell ringers have started their fundraising efforts around Missoula. Seeing those red kettles kind of goes hand-in-hand with the holidays. Well.....I guess it's a toss up for me these days....I think of the holidays when I see the buckets - but my mind also goes right to the video below.

Brilliant idea coming in 3....2....1....when you really think about it, maybe if stores actually had these jumbo Salvation Army kettles and charged people to jump in and take selfies - maybe they would see a record year of donations. It's worth a try next year, right? Just remember where you first heard the idea.

If you've been greeted at the store and have been asked for a donation - somewhere over the years you've probably replied with something like "ahh...I don't have any cash on me, sorry." If that was an honest response or not (hey, we're not judging) you'll no longer have that as a reason to say no. The Salvation Army is going digital in their quest for donations this year. They now have the ability to scan QR codes with your phone that can allow you to make a donation from Apple and Google Pay accounts. And c'mon.....nobody is going to believe you when you say you don't have a phone!

Look for the Salvation Army over the next few weeks at Southgate Mall, Cabelas, Albertsons, and other locations around Missoula. You can also make donations online. All the money raised in Missoula stays local to help those in need.

And it sure feels good when you make a donation to a worthy cause - especially during the holidays when so many are facing the possibility of going without. Another way you can help is with our annual KYSSMAS FOR KIDS fundraiser. It's gone virtual this year and you can make donations HERE to help children in Western Montana have the Christmas they deserve.

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