There's always going to be people that attempt to prey on others. The good news is most people are able to see through the red flags when something seems a little fishy. But there are plenty of people that fall victim to scams and don't realize they're being fooled until it's too late. And it seems like there are a ton of scams out there right now - especially as stimulus checks were sent out earlier this year and scammers try and find ways to trick people out of their money.

We had a listener message us through the station mobile app last week and warn us about a call they've received multiple times. He said it was four calls from a local number and the automated message said the Social Security Office found fraud with his Social Security number. He was prompted to press 1 for more info - and then asked for his Social Security number to confirm. He messaged us to spread the word and was worried that elderly people might fall victim by entering their information.

I also saw a bunch of scam talk on the Neighborhood app I use. This one was about a phone scam where the caller claims to be from Amazon and they say there is suspicious activity on your account. The poster recommended hanging up and calling Amazon customer service to make sure your account is safe. His post had a lot of follow up comments about other scam calls and emails that are making the rounds - PayPal, car insurance, car warranty, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. As you'll see in the video below, these tricksters have also been using the pandemic as a way to try and get information from people.

Scammers are always using new tricks - using local area codes, sending emails that contain company logos, pretending to be from companies that most people use - so make sure to ask questions and don't hand over your information in any situation that doesn't seem normal. It feels like the scam calls and emails are out of control right now.

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