During this time of COVID-19, where you want to avoid people as much as possible, it's easy to start daydreaming about packing everything up, moving to an isolated little shack in the middle of nowhere, and waiting the whole thing out while the rest of the country fights about masks and reopening schools and everything else.

It looks like the folks at Thrillist had that same daydream - they just compiled a list of the Most Underrated Islands in America, the perfect places to get away from it all. Specifically, they wanted to highlight the islands that people may not know about, the ones that aren't as likely to be filled with a lot of other humans fighting for the same beach space (at least, until they read a Thrillist article about it).

And one of those islands is right here in Montana! We don't think of Montana as a place with a lot of islands considering it's entirely landlocked, but we are home to Flathead Lake, which has got a few islands sprinkled throughout - and Thrillist highlights Wild Horse Island, the largest rock in the entire lake.

The article highlight's the excellent hiking on the island, and how the highest point is more than 3700 feet above sea level - plus, of course, you can always go swimming in the lake.

Have you ever been to Wild Horse Island? Can you think of any other islands in Montana that are great to hang out and isolate yourself on?

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