I'm like a lot of people - I first signed up for Hulu when I decided it was time to cut the cord because of high cable costs. I think it was about $7 when I originally became a subscriber. What a deal!

Then I got tired of waiting for the commercials to play while I was watching a show so I had to upgrade. Ok, $11 wasn't bad for access to all the shows and not having to watch the commercials.

But the lack of local channels and the live events that comes with them, like sporting events and award shows, had me signing up for Hulu + Live TV. Now I was over $50 a month but at least I could watch live TV, I had all the local channels and many more, I could watch football games, and I could record channels and shows.

Earlier in the week I received an email:

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

Dang! A $10 jump? Ugh! Now I'm up to $61 a month........for now. I know it's still cheaper than a lot of cable services, but when you throw in a few dollars so the kiddos can have Disney+, the big savings of cutting the cord keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Hopefully this will be the last price increase that Hulu implements for a while - but who knows.

I love the Hulu +Live TV service but if it keeps going up in price I'm not sure how long it will be worth it.

Did you get the same notice for increased charges? Do you know of any better and cheaper option out there for entertainment that I'm not aware of?

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