One big change in moving to Missoula from Florida was the limited access to swimming pools. Our daughter was a water baby and most days included swimming of some sort. But pools were was almost more rare to find a housing development or a backyard that didn't have one.

So one place that we've visited quite a bit since moving to Missoula is Currents. Looking for something to do with the family on a random weekend, wanting to swim in the winter months, grandparents coming to town and they want to do something fun with the kids, and birthday parties are all reasons that have had us getting our splash on at Currents.

It sounds like this has been in the works for quite a few years but might be getting closer to actually becoming a reality. The Missoula Currents as we know it could be growing in the near future.

The idea would be to take Currents far beyond just a place to swim and turn it into more of a community center with added options for activities. The water area with the pool, hot tub, water slides, and kid's area would remain as is.

An aquatics facility, gym, walking track, dance space. We want this community center to be very focused on the performing arts. - Missoula Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gaukler

How would it work? It sounds like they would expand in the area between the current building - or I guess you could say the current Current building - and the Clark Fork River. But if changes are coming they won't be for a while. Between now and the fall they'll be taking comments from the public and holding open houses before eventually submitting plans for the expansion closer to the end of the year.

What do you think? Would it be pretty cool to have additional options instead of just swimming? Do you like the idea of Currents becoming more of a community center?

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