With the recent closures of Flying Squirrel and The Hub in Missoula, we lost a couple of major destinations for kid's entertainment in town. They were both places that could eat up a good chunk of a day to keep the kids busy. They were also prime spots for birthday parties and group gatherings. It seems like their absence is really amplified in the winter months as parents seek activities that are indoors and out of the cold.

We're pretty lucky in Missoula that we still have quite a few choices when it comes to activities that can keep the kids busy. All it takes is a quick look online and you'll find plenty of sports, arts & crafts, educational content, and other options that will keep the family busy while you wait for the summer weather to find us again.

It doesn't take much downtime for the kids to pull out their favorite line of, "I'm bored." When they do, here's a quick list of ideas to get you out of the house for a bit. Of course, this is just a tiny sample of the fun activities you can find around Missoula. What's your favorite indoor activity around town to pass the time when it's cold outside?

Fun Indoor Activities Around Missoula to Entertain Your Kids

Looking for some entertainment while the winter weather keeps the kids inside? Here are a few indoor activities around Missoula that will help pass the time.

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