When the Fourth of July rolls around, you can usually depend on a ton of different events happening around town and different ways to celebrate. In 2020, things aren't exactly playing out that way - thanks to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of the usual events are either cancelled or severely changed (like how the fireworks at Fourth Fest will still go on, but with no crowd or festivities surrounding them).

So it's always nice to hear about something that IS happening - it's the 4th annual Independence Day Camp at Fort Missoula! It looks like it'll have a great mix of ways to celebrate July 4th, and will even feature a public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Here's the info from their Facebook event page:

It's that time again!
Time to muster the troops for the 4th Annual
SAR/DAR Independence Day Camp at Fort Missoula
9 am to 2 pm

The event will start at 9 am with a flag raising ceremony and the singing of "Chester" in front of the Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History.

A public reading of the Declaration of Independence will take place at noon.

All day (9am-2pm) events will include:
DAR/SAR information tables
Historic Flags display
Declaration of Independence for public signing
Declaration of Independence quiz board
Quill and Calligraphy demonstration
Weapons and Fire Making demonstration
Soldier's Equipment display
Colonial Tavern Scene display
Chapter, SAR, and Revolutionary War information signs
Kid's coloring station

Sponsored by The Liberty Tree Chapter SAR, The Bitter Root Chapter DAR,
and The RMMMH.

Will you be checking this one out?

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