COVID has been hard on so many businesses in Montana - countless restaurants and shops in Missoula alone have had to make the hard decision to end things over the last two years. So, it's always good to hear about one that is actually reopening!

Montana Coffee Traders Will Reopen Their Kalispell Location

Are you familiar with Montana Coffee Traders? If you make frequent trips up to Whitefish, you probably are. They're an iconic part of the Whitefish downtown scene, and they've got a few other locations around Montana.

One of those locations was their spot in Kalispell, which they closed down back in early 2021. The future was a little bit unclear at the time when it shut down, but we have some good news: the Montana Coffee Traders in Kalispell will be back beginning on February 3rd!

KPAX reports that it was always the plan to eventually bring the Kalispell location back, and that staffing shortages were the main reason behind the closure. This time around, they plan to operate without a full kitchen and the company is working on an updated compensation package to help workers dealing with the affordable housing crisis in Flathead.

It's great to see a business keep going ten whole months with their doors closed, and it's even better to see the company rethinking their business strategy in an attempt to treat their employees in a fair manner. Will you be stopping by the newly reopened Montana Coffee Trader when it comes back in February?

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