When I make a list of what I consider to be my various skills I put drinking milkshakes right at the top. Then I fill in most of the list with some randomness. And at the very bottom I put artistic ability.

Art has just never been my thing. If I could have a secret skill I'm good at it would be drawing those cartoon caricature sketches that you see people doing as they sit in a booth at the fair. I've always thought that was an awesome talent. But like most other skills in the world of art my drawing ability ranks at almost a negative.

But as a high school student forced to take electives - art class seemed like one of the easiest ways to get a good grade for just giving it your all. This might be the best thing I've created when it comes to art, and that speaks for itself.

My mom texted me this picture today and was marveling at how many years she's had it on her dresser.

art class

Ah, look at that quality craftsmanship on display! This thing has it all.....a heart, rounded edges, a small diamond shape that covers up more of a picture than it actually shows. It's good to see my art skills now are no better than they were as a teenager.

And look at that heartfelt picture I gave my mom. It could have been a touching picture of the two of us to go along with the heart theme. But nah, apparently I opted for the photo of just me sporting some sunglasses and what appears to be a wind breaker.

But on a side note, check out that sweet Calvin Klein Jeans t-shirt.......that I made with a marker. Those shirts were all the rage but I wasn't going to pay for one so I made my own. Man, high school me was totally killin' it!

I'm loving everything about this art project that I forgot about. Do you ever come across something from back in your school days that makes you chuckle?

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