Before you try to use this cheesy excuse to get out of a speeding ticket, make sure you know how fast a whitetail deer can run.

That might have been part of the problem that a driver in Massachusetts faced when he tried to blame a deer for speeding, claiming that's what was picked up on radar.

Our AP court docket reports that the guy was pulled over for doing 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. But he appealed the ticket in court, questioning the officer on whether he was positive he picked up the vehicle on his radar or could it have been a sprinting deer in the area? The judge was not particularly amused. The driver insisted anything is possible.

Yes, anything is possible. Like paying the $105 fine that was upheld. And dude, just so ya know: deer can sprint short distances at about 30 mph. And they always obey the speed limit signs!


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