I can give you this information since I'm officially done mailing off all my packages and don't need to worry about standing in line anymore.

It's the time of year when you head to the post office only to walk in and see a line from the counter to the door.  I saw a friend post a picture of the post office on facebook the other day and it didn't look too inviting - unless you enjoy standing in a line.

Two nights ago I had to stop at Rosauers and grab a couple things for dinner.  It was a little after 5pm and I noticed someone was at the service counter where they also have the US Post Office section of the store.  The person was mailing a package - I assume a Christmas gift - and they were the only one in line.   I thought to myself, "man, I'm coming back here tomorrow to try and mail my stuff".

So tonight, I grabbed the five boxes I needed to get mailed off and set off for Rosauers once again.  SCORE!  I was the only one there.  I walked right up to the counter with all my packages and didn't have to wait in line.  A couple minutes later I was out the door and on my merry way!

It was the easiest experience I've ever had for shipping packages with less than a week to go until Christmas.

I hope you have the same luck!

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