I have never been able to say in my 30 years of life that I truly like my dentist until now. And even more important, I am not getting paid to say this, I really like him and his staff. My new dentist office from now on is called Discovery Dental Group, located in Missoula. It's two brothers Josh & Jeff Green and their amazing staff that make all the difference.

Yesterday I had a few fillings I needed to get cleaned up, and even as you walk through the door you feel invited by the staff. The appointments never take very long, and even today, it doesn't even feel like I had my teeth worked on yesterday.

When I arrived yesterday they had an emergency situation that had to push back my appointment by just a few minutes, Josh and his staff apologized over and over again. Which wasn't needed, those things happen, not a big deal. They went so far to make sure I was happy, even giving me a gift card for making me wait. It seems like customer service is not a big deal anymore at a lot of businesses, but at Discovery Dental Group they know how to treat their patients. Again, not getting paid for this, I just appreciate good customer service.


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!

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