I didn't think this would help but it did. I was nervous about doing hot yoga cause I get headaches easy when too heated and I had tried it once before and wasn't for me.

This time I was with a friend and the session was a little shorter so I was less scared. I was doing some other wellness things prior and thought that I would give it a go again. The session was at 127 degrees which was hotter than the one I went to but not by much. I was excited cause I was feeling good and ready to get through it. As I went through the sesion I was amazed I wasn't too hot, I did get one little break but normally I would be dying and have a headache.

The thing that I think helped me the most was what I had done right before using the Hot Worx box. I was in an Infrared Cocoon that I used on HypoThermal heat ( The highest setting). I burned an estimated 200 calorie by using it for 20 minutes. I was so heated up that hot yoga was nothing! You can find these at wellness centers and spas sometimes. Search one out and give it a try.

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