Turkey On Golf Course
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Lets just say Turkeys are smart and got the best of me. I have been told they have great eye sight and are a bit paranoid and therefore flighty. I was using my longbow and my attempts to creep up on them was an interesting experience.

I have a Hurst Longbow and I have been slowly attempting to use it and harvest something. As I was heading fly fishing, my friend mentioned there may be turkeys where we are going on their private land and so i grabbed a turkey tag and off we went.

Not only were there turkeys but bucks and lots of does. I tried my luck with the deer first and then all of a sudden a bunch of turkeys popped out of nowhere and it was on. I probably quietly crept after them trying to cut them off for an hour plus and just get close enough for a 10 yard shot and it was pointless. With the fall leaves and crunch they knew I was there. They would tease me too, let me get close then take off.

I gave up after quite a bit of chase and then saw them again in the end. I am not into the tree-stand and think maybe a ground blind may work with these Toms. It was overall successful, I saw probably 4 nice bucks and one smaller one. Saw them in the rut for my first time and had a good learning experience.







    Turkey Bowling

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