My husband is an avid hunter, so he has had a few close encounters with wildlife in his day. However, he has never had an encounter quite as close as this hunter had. This hunter was enjoying a nice afternoon in a tree stand waiting for his prey to come along, when he was visited by an almost too friendly black bear.

The experts tell you to hang your food in a tree, but it looks to me like this bear just might be able to reach your leftovers you left swinging from that tree. This hunter has to be glad that the bear didn’t like what he smelled. If he smelled a little more delicious, the hunter might have been on the menu for this bear and his friends.

The experiences I’ve had hunting have been far less exciting than this. They usually involve walking around in the woods for hours on end being as quiet as possible with very little wildlife even seen. Meeting a bear literally face-to-face would certainly spice things up a bit.

This hunter is lucky in more ways than one. He is lucky to have been able to get that close to one of North America’s most amazing creatures, and he’s just plain lucky to be alive.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.