I'm sure living off the beaten path has its list of positives. I wouldn't mind being a little removed from the hustle and bustle of it all myself. I figure one thing that would be both good and bad is how far away you are from certain services. I can see where something as simple as a vet visit for most people would be a chore when you live in a bit of isolation.

Some pretty cool news from the Humane Society of Western Montana is that they have a new mobile vet clinic that will allow them to offer more services and visit more places. They'll be able to make more visits to rural areas as well as administer procedures that were previously done at their facility. Surgeries, x-rays, checkups, and more can all be done on the go.

The Humane Society will be able to offer mobile spay and neuter services which will help lower the reproduction numbers of pets - especially in situations where individuals wouldn't normally be able to take their animals to a vet. With the new vehicle they'll be able to make monthly visits to places that would normally be visited twice a year.

It's expected that the new equipment will allow the Humane Society to help hundreds of additional animals a year. But fancy new medical toys and vehicles also cost money. To help, an online auction will be held that will assist with with costs of gas, supplies, and more. There will also be a chance for winning bidders to have their pet's photo on the Humane Society's vehicle for all to see.

Follow the Humane Society of Western Montana on Facebook to stay connected with their latest happenings - and look for their new mobile vet when you're out and about.

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