I just don't think I am hip enough to use the word "cheddar" to describe currency. But no doubt you are. So spread the ched, Missoula!

The folks at Missoula Events have come up with a clever, pun-infested pitch to provide incentive to look into money-saving offers that help keep your cheddar in the local economy. Savings you crave from Missoula’s favorite small businesses, nonprofits, artists and entertainers. Check it out:

Spread The Ched Kickoff Event April 6 - 10, 2021

You’re all about keeping the chedda' local, and you’d eat up a menu of online events and classes from your favorite Missoula businesses and artists.

Give me all the Cheese!

CheddarBoard keeps more of your chedda' in your community. Get a taste of what’s possible with CheddarBoard week kicking off April 6th. In the meantime, download from our menu of Ched Codes to receive discounts to your favorite Missoula businesses and stay updated on the incredible lineup of live and local events!

Pssst...you’re going to melt for our new platform, CheddarBoard (and the tasty Ched Codes we have for you). Powered by MissoulaEvents.net, CheddarBoard offers you an appetizing menu of virtual events, concerts, and classes, all from local Missoula businesses, artists, and nonprofits. When you sign up for updates about CheddarBoard, you support local businesses and keep more of the chedda' in Missoula.

Even better, you can slice yourself off some savory savings with Ched Codes. Ched Codes give you discounts and special offers to all the classes, live streaming and local events, and more that you’ll find on CheddarBoard.

We don’t mean to get cheesy, but these discounts are goud-a to the last bite!

Ready to get cheddy? Hey, could be fun, huh? You can get more information at the Missoula Events Cheddar Board page.


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