I must admit I haven't played Scrabble in ages, yielding to the higher tech version, Words With Friends.

I think the board game with tiles is still the more challenging option, and you have to have a hell of a vocabulary to master worldwide competition. Just don't expect to bring home a fortune when you do.

But our heartiest congrats go out today to David Eldar of London, England, who captured the world scrabble championship on his home turf, going 3-0 against his opponent in the best-of-five final. David put the match away with "carrels." Nope, I didn't know what it meant, either. :-)  It's a type of cubicle desk. But he hit it big scoring 74 points with that word, to put the game out of reach. David takes home about $9,000 and of course the honor of being a world champ. I think they need to try to tap into some more corporate sponsorships.

Competitors from over 25 countries competed, but only one walked away from his carrel with a smile on his face.


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