Normally around this time every year, Missoula would be celebrating for a whole weekend at the River City Roots Fest. And this year... that isn't exactly happening, for obvious, COVID-related reasons. But you can't keep Missoula down for long - instead of the festival, Downtown Missoula has declared this week "Support Our Roots" Week, encouraging everybody to show their love for the town while maintaining social distancing.

To help you keep track of everything, they even created a helpful checklist of stuff you can do - some are events here in town, others are stuff you can just do on your own. Here's a few examples:

- Water A Tree

- Compost/Recycle

- Downtown Pop-Ups

- Paddleheads' River Clean Up

- Wear A Mask

- Order To-Go

- Unseen Music Tour

- Buy Local Art or Tip A Musician

- Trivia Night With The Paddleheads

- Farmers' Market

- Float The River

- Centerfield Cinema

There's a few more things on the list, and while I can't say I've done everything on the list this week, I'm pretty happy to be able to check off a lot of these things if we're counting the whole summer. Even as we're still trying to find a way back to normal life, Missoula has figured out ways to still be Missoula, and that's a pretty beautiful thing. How many items on the list can YOU check off?

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