The cash codes have officially returned to our airwaves and our mobile apps. Each weekday, over the course of the next few weeks, we will be dishing out 10 codewords each hour, from 8 AM til 5 PM. Be listening for a new code and when you hear it, simply enter the code via the "Win Cash" button on your station app. THAT'S IT! You are in the drawing to possibly land $10,000 cash.

But, what are you going to do with ALL THAT MONEY?

Of course, there are the responsible things that will pop into your mind. Things like paying off student loans, paying off credit card debt, paying off your car loan--you know, "Adulting?" But, what if you decided to have a little fun with your winnings? Maybe go on a Missoula-style shopping spree?

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Just think of all of your favorite Missoula things. How many of your favorites could you buy?

Well, with $10,000 you can buy:

2,500 single scoop ice cream cones, 1,380 sundaes, or 1,818 milkshakes from Big Dipper Ice Cream

Credit: Google Maps

2,000 Moscow Mules or 588 bowls of Lobster Mac n Cheese from The Thomas Meagher Bar.

526 large House Pies or 476 large Caramelized Goats from BIGA Pizza

Credit: Google Maps

172 tickets for Grizzly Football at Washington Grizzly Stadium

Credit: Google Maps

285 tickets to a concert at The Wilma

Credit: Townsquare Media

3 day 4 night guided fly fishing trip for 8 people on Blackfoot River

Credit: Google Maps

Or $10k would be a decent down payment on a new home? Who am I kidding? $10k is just a drop in the bucket for a median home price of $480k.....But, it is better than nothing.

Bottom line: you could have a lot of fun here in Missoula with $10,000 dollars. Now the only thing standing in your way is winning. Keep listening for those cash codes, and good luck.


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