Who cares if we're in the dead of winter? Everyone knows it's impossible to be too cold for ice cream!

And thus we celebrate the accomplishment of Nashville, Michigan's, Moo-ville Creamery, who just claimed the Guinness World Record for making the longest ice cream sundae. Moo-ville scooped up the record by making a sundae that measured a staggering 3,658 feet in length, shattering the previous record, which was only a few months old.

Now, there may be a little bad blood from all of this, as the Moo-ville folks broke the record held by another Michigan town, Ludington, where House of Flavors had put together a 2,970-foot sundae. They're only about 100 miles apart and Nashville sent a special ice cream envoy to observe how it was done.Hmmm, somebody could be getting the cold shoulder for this one!

Where are the plastic spoons? Or shovels?


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