A lot of people have been wondering when gyms would be able to reopen as business closures from the COVID-19 outbreak are beginning to lighten. Many have a visit to the gym as part of their daily routine and have been waiting to see when it can resume. Well, it's up to the individual establishments on whether they'll open as soon as they're allowed - but the doors can open on Friday, May 15th.

Like everything else, there are some restrictions that'll be in place when gyms and fitness studios get back to business. They'll have to operate at half capacity,  use social distancing guidelines, screen employees, have increased cleaning measures, no group classes and more.

I've been to a few stores since the stay-at-home orders have been lifted. I'm definitely thinking more about germs and touching surfaces than ever before as I'm out and about. The question I keep kicking around is if I would be comfortable going to the gym with the way things currently are.

I haven't been able to come up with a definitive answer as I do the ol' pros and cons list.

  • There'll be less people! But....everybody is sweaty and touching things.
  • They're using extra cleaning measures! But....you can't clean everything.
  • Waiting a while longer won't hurt. But.....you're chubby and too lazy to exercise at home.

I'm on the fence. Where do you stand with all of it? Will you be jumping back in as soon as gyms and fitness studios can open the doors? Or, are you still going to wait a bit before getting back at it?

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