They are expecting more folks traveling this holiday season,as with any holiday pack your patience. Here are some tips for this Merry holiday time to make traveling a little easier.

Travel Channel recently had an article online that had some good tips for travelers.

A good one was do research and if you are driving find alternative routes incase traffic is unbearable. Staying connected too with travel apps and updates will help.

Don't get hangry! This was my favorite from the folks at Travel Channel. I agree make sure you are not only fed ( not too much if driving) but also hydrated.

CNN also had some advice. One of which was, "Don't Drive into a Storm"'. It is true though if you know something is coming, stop and let it pass.

Charge your devices! This was a great one. Especially on the airplane, no fun to lose power and not be able to get a hold of a ride.





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