There's been a lot of change happening in Missoula over the last couple of years - and especially since COVID hit, we've seen certain businesses come and go. Some were forced to shut down due to the pandemic like the Kettlehouse northside taproom, others were just calling it a day after decades in business like Diamond Bar Meats.

And now, another change has come to downtown Missoula, although you may not have even realized it's already taken place: Worden's Market, the oldest grocery store in Missoula, is now under new ownership.

Actually, "now" is a strong word, considering Worden's Market has had a new owner since October 2020. The thing is, we're only just now hearing about it.

New owner Matt Muhsam actually worked at Worden's for a while before actually buying the business, and it's long been his desire to own his own market. And, as far as name recognition in Missoula goes, it's hard to beat Worden's - the business has been thriving in the downtown area since it first opened in 1883. Muhsam takes over the business from Tim and Exie France, the previous owners.

It looks like for now, it's still business as usual, without any kind of radical changes taking place over at the market. I mean, it's been around for over 130 years, why mess with what's working?

Did you know Worden's has had a new owner for the last several months? Is there anything you'd like to see him do to improve the store at all?

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