In case you didn't already know, Texas is one of those states where high school football reigns supreme. And this is a small town in south Texas, but they're hoping for a really big scoreboard. According to Associated Press, school trustees in Weslaco TX are considering a $1 million video scoreboard for their high school football stadium. The nearly 1,300 square foot screen would be the largest in the state and maybe the country. Supporters say that massive ads on the screen would pay it off over 10 years. Well...I'm in advertising and I know that those kinds of numbers tend to get over-inflated, especially if you don't factor in power, maintenance and upgrades. But's Texas high school football---BIG business! If it turns into a profit center congrats to them. But I wouldn't anticipate MCHS Stadium here in Missoula to invest in a similar one anytime soon. DB