With the NFL season still four months away, we football fans will grasp for anything to ease the withdrawal symptoms!

So, who can blame us for zeroing in on a football/baby story on this Mother's Day weekend? And it's one that you Denver Bronco fans will love!

The Broncos have introduced the Broncos Newborn Club. Parents who are members get kits to commemorate the births of their babies. Kits include such Bronco booty as a logo beanie, birth certificate, night light AND if mommies and daddies choose, the little tykes' names can be added to the season ticket waiting list. Of course the babies may be having babies of their own by the time their names come up, since there are currently 75,000 names on that waiting list.

Football needs to get here soon, huh? Nah, let's enjoy a long, slow summer first. And congrats to any of you Bronco fans with newborns out there!


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