Every year, there are a few holidays I look forward to the most. Christmas is right up there, and so is Halloween, but one of my favorites is, of course, Free Comic Book Day!

If you're not familiar, Free Comic Book Day usually takes place the first Saturday in May, and it's a time when comic shops across the country offer up special free issues - you can walk in, pick up what you want, maybe buy a couple more things while you're there. A lot of places will make a big event out of it, and it usually draws in a pretty good crowd, even among people who don't read a lot of comics.

Now last year, Free Comic Book Day was cancelled due to COVID, and as you may have noticed, we're already way past May in 2021. Is Free Comic Book Day going to pass us by once again?

Nope! This year, they actually pushed back Free Comic Book Day in the interest of keeping everyone safe during the pandemic - but it is currently scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 14th, and when it does, you'll be able to stop by Muse Comics & Games in Missoula for your fill of free comics. Their Facebook event page encourages you to prepare for a line out the building, and notes that comics will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

I always pick up whatever comics Marvel make available for Free Comic Book Day, but I also always try to sample a few titles from independent creators, too. What are you looking forward to for Free Comic Book Day?

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