Are you still putting plans together for what you'll do this Halloween? This might be a place to check out if you're a big fan of decorations. I was browsing Facebook the other day and saw someone promoting the fact that their display will include a haunted garage that will be open on Halloween night. It definitely looks like one of those destination houses where you pack up the family and have to at least drive past it because it's just so cool.

Photo: Jack Hubbard

I reached out to Jack Hubbard for some details about the backstory to his Hubbard Holiday House and found out just how big of a fan he is when it comes to holiday displays. He's definitely had the love of decorating since he was young. He says he was obsessed with light bulbs, electronics, things that move, and what makes everything work since he was a kid. Jack tells about how his dad bought him an inflatable snowman almost twenty years ago and his love of decorations has been spiraling ever since

Photo: Jack Hubbard

Early days of holiday decorating consisted of a few strings of lights and Jack would continue to add more every year. His love of Halloween decorating stems from it being an exciting time of the year with his birthday being in early November. His display takes about a week to set up and it includes the walkthrough haunted house in the garage that Jack says will surely impress the kids. Halloween is the only night that the haunted garage will be open.

Photo: Jack Hubbard

It seems like all the decorations you see in stores these days are inflatables. Jack says his collection includes a lot of blow molds, although more for Christmas than Halloween. Blow molds are the older style of decorations that are made out of plastic. He has some from as far back as the 60's and over 120 just for Christmas. Just think about the things that Clark Griswold is kicking around his yard in the movie Christmas Vacation.....those are blow molds!

Jack has always loved decorations and says the best part is getting to spend time with his dad while setting up the displays. If you want to check out his labor of love for Halloween you can message him for the address. He says it's the first year in a new house and they'll have candy and fun ready for anyone that wants to visit. The inflatables are on every night and the garage will be open just for Halloween.

Photo: Jack Hubbard

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