Are you familiar with the Artist-In-Residence program at Glacier National Park? It's a pretty cool thing - every summer, a select few are chosen to spend about a month in Glacier, and are able to pursue their artistic goals, get inspired by the environment around them, and share their work with an international audience through education programs at the park.

So for the month of June, Glacier will be welcoming Brad Einstein and Kyle Niemer. Einstein has a comedy and acting background - he's written for Billy on the Street, played a drug dealer on Shameless, and worked on digital campaigns for Netflix shows like Springsteen on Broadway and Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh. Niemer is a commercial director and documentary filmmaker who has worked for networks like Discovery and VICE.

And then in July, Glacier is bringing in Imara Barrera, an award-winning nature photographer who will be focusing on capturing the night sky in the park while she's there. All three artists will participate in public programs, which could include a wide variety of different things.

You can check out Glacier's website to learn more about the Artist-In-Residency Program, and even find out how to apply yourself. And if you're trying to head to Glacier National Park this summer, you may want to take some time to figure out how their new ticketing system works - it can be a little confusing.

Think you'll be heading out to Glacier this summer? Will you take part in any programs with these artists when you do?

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