It takes huge hearts, lots of love and a passion for the well-being of special animals to answer this calling.

That's what you can witness every day in Corvallis, Montana, at the 20-acre 1 Horse at a Time Draft Horse Rescue facility. And it's time once again to meet and greet these magnificent creatures.

As 1 Horse at a Time likes to say, "Saving one horse may not change the world ... but it will surely change the world for that one horse!"

One Horse at a Time is a non-profit organization dedicated to draft horses. They work tirelessly to save unwanted, neglected and abused draft horses from going to slaughter. The more they can intercept at auctions, the more draft horses are kept from entering the slaughter pipeline.

A wonderful introductory way to find out how you can help is by attending Beer and Brats at the Barn, Saturday, September 30, 12:00 - 5:00 pm. This FREE FAMILY EVENT will include live music with Billy G, horse-drawn wagon rides, beer from the Hops Brewery of Victor, Montana, a silent auction, tack and merchandise sale and more.

One Horse at a Time founder, Jasmin Shinn, moved to the Bitterroot Valley in 2014 with her husband, a 26 year Army Veteran, and two children. Having grown up with horses, it was Jasmin's dream to live on a farm and own horses. While her heart beats for all horses, draft horses are her passion. Jasmin did a lot of research before starting a rescue and particularly a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue was established in 2017.

Beer and Brats at the Barn will be held at 1 Horse at a Time, 326 Popham Lane, Corvallis.

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