The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department is looking for your help in shaping Fish Creek State Park. Located about 35 miles west of Missoula just off I-90, Fish Creek State Park encompasses 6,200 acres of forested land surrounding Williams Peak in Mineral County, with portions of the Clark Fork and Fish Creek rivers running through it.

Recreational activities identified by the public and interested user groups in earlier scoping include year-round hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, motorized use and winter activities.

Other opportunities include developed and backcountry camping, fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing. Landscape conservation and management is also a priority.


Among the questions Montana State Parks is asking:


View of Fish Creek Drainage from fire tower (Photo courtesy Maren Murphy MT FWP)
  • What is your vision for Fish Creek State Park?
  • What do you value about the Park?
  • What recreational uses are important to you?
  • What amenities/facilities would you like to see developed?
  • What improvements, if any, are desired at the nearby Alberton Gorge, also managed by Montana State Parks?

“Fish Creek State Park is a unique location with great potential due to its recreational trail system and close proximity to Alberton Gorge,” said Mike Hathaway, Park Manager.

“We want to involve as many people as possible in helping shape this park’s future,” Hathaway said.