Wild game is a big part of the area and a big part of the dinner table for some families as well. I have eaten a lot of wild-game as far as elk, deer and bison but never had antelope till this weekend.

I use to spend a lot of time in Wyoming with my sisters Aunt on their ranch. They had a ton of Antelope everywhere so it always surprised me I never tried it before. I do know though that because the antelope eat so much sagebrush in Wyoming that the meat isn't that great.

Thanks to Cathy Powell one of our great listeners for dropping off some antelope polish sausage and sweet antelope ground sausage. I had friends over this weekend and it was delicious. We all were really into it and I do not like Polish beef dogs but sure liked the antelope ones for sure. That is also the case with caribou brats, not a fan of normal brats all the time but those caribou ones are great.


    Love of the Longbow

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