Have you ever been hit by thieves? Ever have something taken from your yard or garage? What about somebody robbing your house or breaking into your vehicle? It's the worst feeling when you realize you've been violated and somebody has taken your belongings.

It's been 20 years now, but one night I left my car in the parking lot of a place I used to work. I got picked up and was gone for a few hours before returning. I still remember the feeling as we pulled up to my car - my brain couldn't comprehend why my driver-side door was open. As we pulled closer I realized my window was shattered and somebody had decided they needed the contents inside my 86 Buick Skylark - including a pretty rad cassette collection. Ugh.......it still gets me fired up when I think about it.

The folks at Missoula Outdoor Learning Adventures are looking for some help as they reported a cargo trailer missing this week. It was full of equipment and was taken sometime over the weekend. The white trailer is 6x10 feet with a license plate of 4-DR31, and Harley Davidson stickers on the sides. You can see the trailer in the Twitter post below.

The trailer had a collection of equipment that would be used for Missoula Outdoor Learning Adventures next camp that is scheduled to begin on June 1 - kayaks, camping gear and more.

Let's hope the trailer is returned with all of the belongings still inside. If you see the trailer, Missoula police ask that you keep it in your sights while calling 911.

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