If you're walking around of Missoula's public parks and you're thinking to yourself, "This is nice, but it'd be better if I could search for gnomes while I'm here," well... I've got good news for you!

Have you heard of Gnomefest? It's an event organized by Back To The Mother, a local kombucha company - basically, on Earth Day (April 22nd), the company hid nearly 270 handmade gnomes and one thousand palm stones throughout parks all around Missoula. The idea is that it will incentivize kids to pick up trash and litter if their reward is to take home one of these gnomes while they're doing it.

It's a cool idea, and it sounds like it's going become an annual thing. Even better, a few of the gnomes actually have prizes attached to them. Some allow you to win free kombucha from Back To The Mother, others have coins that are worth one bitcoin in value, and there are still more to be discovered out there.

So the hunt is on for these gnomes, and they say there are a lot more that are still out there - if you find one, they're requesting that you post it on social media with the hashtag #gnomefestmissoula to help raise awareness. The more people out there that spread the word of these gnomes, the cleaner we can start making Missoula's parks.

Have you found any gnomes while walking around Missoula lately? Will you be taking the family out to go search for one?

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