Have you ever had one of those meals where you just had to have it again? A while back I was introduced to “The Hot Brown,” a popular open-faced southern sandwich made of turkey and bacon, coated in delicious cheese with tomato slices on top. It was amazing, when I came home it was one of the first things I told my wife, Savannah about.

I just had to have another but knew that it would probably just have to be something that I looked for whenever traveling. A few short weeks later, after talking with one of my co-workers I learned that “The Old Post’” located downtown Missoula on Spruce Street actually has this sandwich on their menu. Of course it immediately went to the top of my list of restaurants to visit the next time my wife and I ate out. It took us longer to get there then I had wanted but over this last weekend we finally made it and it was WONDERFUL!!! It was everything I remembered and then some. The bacon was crisp and the cheese oozed all over. The tomato slices were fresh and made for the perfect “cherry on top”. The “Hot Brown” was fantastic.

Savannah tried the Shrimp Basket and the French Onion Soup. She loved both and said that she would be getting the soup at every visit but as we sat there we watched many delicious dishes walk by our table, in the hands of the waiter (who, BTW was fantastic as well) and as they passed one by one we both changed our order for next time over and over again. We will be visiting again very soon.


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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